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Products > Fanuc > Fanuc Wear Prts > A290-8119-Z785 Non-rotation block
Product name : A290-8119-Z785 Non-rotation block
Item : A290-8119-Z785
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A290-8119-Z785  Non-rotation block 
For use on :  
Fanuc α-0iE with AWF, Fanuc α-1iE with AWF, Fanuc α-C400iA with AWF, Fanuc α-C400iB with AWF, 
Fanuc α-C600iA with AWF, Fanuc α-C600iB with AWF, Fanuc α-C800iB with AWF
Associated parts & OEM number:
A : Lower nozzle 
B : Lower Die guide
C : Locknut ring   A98L-00010347#S36-W
D : Locknut  A290-8119-Z777
E : Die guide base  A290-8120-Z763
F : Electrode pin  A290-8119-Z780
G : Electrode pin stopper   A6-SAKT-5X20SUS
H : Insulating seat   A290-8119-Z762
I : Lower jet block   A290-8120-Z764
J : O-ring    A98L-0001-0347#S10-J
K : Lower subdie guide  A290-8110-Y774
L : Non-rotation block   A290-8119-Z785
M : Cylinder base   A290-8120-Z783
N : Cylinder   A97L-0203-0507
O : Insulating shaft  A290-8119-Z784
P : Electrode pin holder 1    A290-8120-Z781
Q : Electrode pin holder 2   A290-8119-Z782
R : Blade spring  A290-8119-Z793

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